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Solve Your Closet Conundrum

APRIL 27TH, 2011

Solve Your Closet Conundrum

Spring closet cleaning is a dautning task—and a nightmare for fashion hoarders like us.

Vancouver-based design duo A Good Chick to Know specializes in helping both the overwhelmed and underwhelmed closets reach great new heights. From wardrobe consulting to designing and organizing, these Chicks do it all in style.

We will no longer rummage through a sea of torn, ill-fitting, or maybe-some-day-fitting jeans to find our favourite pair. We now know that the lace dress that’s been hiding in the garment bag for five years has probably overstayed its welcome. And we also know that we should probably let that gorgeous heirloom scarf see the light of day.

From a nightmare to a dream closet in one clean sweep. —AG

Take a look at a closet makeover we received on today's Editors’ Diary.
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