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Quick Fix: Easy Toe-Kick Lighting

Toe-kick lighting in the kitchen or bathroom can be both practical and good-looking. While it serves as a type of path light for rooms where extra safety measures are needed, it can also add a sense of warmth and depth to a room. 

The cost of installing LED light strips (what many contractors suggest using), can add up quickly, but the team at BY DESIGN Custom Remodeling in Hawaii has come up with a simple solution.
contemporary kitchen by Mal Corboy Design
Instead of opting for LED light strips or recessed toe-kick lighting,Michelle Turner and Brian Rigney suggest using basic 120V plug-in LED rope lighting. "The cost is considerably less than the 12V LED light strips," says Turner.
by Mal Corboy Design
contemporary bathroom by BY DESIGN custom remodeling
Want to make it a little more convenient? Try having an electrician connect a wall switch to the outlet where the LED rope lighting is plugged in. It'll make turning the lighting on much more convenient and allow you to hide cords and outlets.
by BY DESIGN custom remodeling
lighting by
LED Flexbrite Pre-Pack LED Kit [ Link ]
This LED Flexbrite rope by American Lighting comes in a variety of different lengths and average out to about $6 a foot. Made out of a sturdy PVC material, these linkable pieces give off virtually no heat for optimal safety.