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Painterly Florals

If you're in need of a pre-spring pick-me-up, you shouldn't have to look much further than your closest interior design store. Floral prints are making their way back to all areas of the home, climbing the walls in wallpaper designs and landing underfoot in crewel-work rugs. 

But there's something that separates the latest patterns from the chintz and botanical prints of the past, and I had to reach back to my days in college Art History classes to define it. There's a "painterly" quality to this floral style, where the focus is less on realist perfection and more on an artistic impression, brushstrokes and all. The style started popping up on runways all the way back in 2010, but it's really making its way into the home market now.

Another characteristic of the newest floral prints: super-saturated hues, like a Van Gogh. Take a peek at a few examples below to see what I mean.

More florals in design
contemporary carpet flooring by
Carpet tile company Flor has got in on the floral action with a few new patterns added to their roster. Cuts Flowers (shown here on the dark green squares) fits the trend. I love it mixed with several other new styles likeCambium (second row, center), which looks like layers and layers of vivid brushstrokes.
The venerable brand of luxury linens is by no means new, but D. Porthault is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Their petal-flecked sheets are just as lovely on the skin as they are to the eyes.
If you're not in the market to drop beaucoup bucks on bed linens, not to worry; there are plenty of more affordable brands picking up on the floral trend too. This quilt from Anthropologie features big blooms for a statement piece.
Artist Lulie Wallace could be the poster child for this trend. Her striking paintings feature bouquets done in a bold palette of orangey-red and pinks.
I could fill this entire ideabook with items from Anthropologie, one brand that seems to wholeheartedly embrace this unabashedly girly trend.
Floral wallpaper feels more current when done in a brilliantly bright color palette.
eclectic kitchen Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick
Wallpaper in punchy pinks and reds certainly makes a statement. For a more cautious take on the style, try a few well-placed pillows or bedding.