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Go a little greener with beautiful tiles created with reclaimed and recycled materials

There's so much information about green products out there, it can be overwhelming to sort through it all. Since I am obsessed with tile, I thought I would explore some eco-friendly options and share my favorites, as well as what I have learned. Here are some things to consider when selecting a more earth-friendly tile:

  • Is the product made with recycled materials and if so, what is the percentage?
  • Is the product made with abundant or sustainable materials?
  • Is the company making efforts to to minimize waste and reduce energy during manufacturing?
  • Is the company making efforts to use green business practices?

Today, let's take a look at some beautiful options I found and see what makes them greener.
eclectic kitchen by Brennan + Company Architects
1. Fireclay Tile, Crush. This colorful handmade tile contains 100% recycled glass and was originally created by Sandhill Industries. Fireclay acquired the company and now makes their own version, which they renamed Crush.
by Brennan + Company Architects
kitchen tile Crush Recycled Glass Tile (formerly Sandhill Glass Tile)
Crush Recycled Glass Tile (formerly Sandhill Glass Tile) [ Link ]
Here is one of 40 colors.
eclectic kitchen by live-work-play
2. Fireclay Tile, Debris Series. This recycled ceramic tile is made with over 60% locally resourced recycled materials. Fireclay is known for its beautiful handmade tile and sustainable manufacturing processes.
by live-work-play
kitchen products Fireclay Debris Recycled Ceramic Tile
Fireclay Debris Recycled Ceramic Tile [ Link ]
Here is one of 112 colors to choose from.
contemporary bathroom by David Ludwig - Architect
3. Oceanside Glasstile, Tessera. This stunning hand-crafted glass tile is made from silica sand, an abundant natural resource, and recycled glass in varying amounts. Read about the company's commitment tosustainabilty.
by David Ludwig - Architect
eclectic bathroom tile Oceanside Glasstile - Tessera Sandstone
Oceanside Glasstile - Tessera Sandstone [ Link ]
bathroom tile Trend Recycled Glass Tile - Feel
Trend Recycled Glass Tile - Feel [ Link ]
4. Trend USA, Feel. I think this glass mosaic tile was named for its soft and smooth surface and velvety appearance. It is made with up to 78% internal and post- consumer recycled glass (the percentage depends on the color). Read the company's green report.
contemporary bathroom tile Ann Sacks Recycled Ceramic Tile - Koi
Ann Sacks Recycled Ceramic Tile - Koi [ Link ]
5. Ann Sacks, Koi. This gorgeous ceramic tile with a sculptural artistic quality will delight fans of cutting-edge design. These tiles are made from up to 52% recycled material, most of which is clay salvaged from mining operations. They are finished with traditional Japanese glazes.
floor tiles Crossville Porcelain Tile - EcoCycle
Crossville Porcelain Tile - EcoCycle [ Link ]
6. Crossville EcoCycle. This porcelain tile has the rustic look and texture of stone. In their manufacturing process of this line, Crossville uses a water filtration system that captures fine particles that would have ended up in a landfill. They figure this eliminates 5 million pounds of waste per year. 
floor tiles Daltile Color Scheme Porcelain Floor Tile
Daltile Color Scheme Porcelain Floor Tile [ Link ]
7. Daltile Floor Tile, Colour Scheme. This durable porcelain floor tilecontains over 60% pre- and post-consumer recycled material. 
kitchen tile Eco Friendly Flooring - Metal Tile
Eco Friendly Flooring - Metal Tile [ Link ]
8. Eco Friendly Flooring Inc. Metal Tile. Made from 100% recycled aluminum, this versatile tile would look great in a variety of spaces.
Crossville Mixology Metal Tile [ Link ]
9. Crossville, Mixology. This earthy metal tile is made with 50% recycled material. The intricate patterns are exotic and would add some global style to an interior.
eclectic kitchen by Buckminster Green LLC
10. Encaustic Cement Tile. These exquisitely designed tiles are handmade from marble dust, cement and natural pigments. They are cured, not fired in a kiln, saving energy. Each one is unique, adding to its Old World charm.
by Buckminster Green LLC  
kitchen tile by
Cuban Heritage Design Handmade Cement Tile - $8.32 [ Link ]
Do you have any favorite eco-friendly tiles to share with us?