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Get inspired to give your mantel, door, table or ceiling a chic and shiny new look

For a sophisticated upgrade that won’t break the bank, consider introducing high-gloss paint to your interiors. Anything from a coffee table to your walls will experience an instant transformation under the guise of this shiny and chic choice — and with the right prep, a little patience and a free weekend, you can even make some of these changes yourself. 

Wondering what pieces of yours might benefit from high-gloss paint? Check out the following photos to see where fellow Houzz members have introduced a little shine.
eclectic living room by Anna Baskin Lattimore Design
Coffee table. Punch up your living room with a high-gloss painted coffee table. Really make it stand out by choosing a contrasting color for your wall. Your guests may actually feel guilty sticking their feet on something this lovely.
by Anna Baskin Lattimore Design  
eclectic living room by Jamie Laubhan-Oliver
Console. Consoles are often found in hallways, and hallways are a great spot to have a little fun with decor. A console in glossy paint will add a little eye-catching pizzazz for those walking through.
by Jamie Laubhan-Oliver
eclectic family room by Rebekkah Davies Interiors + Design
Lamp. Lamps are not just for light; they’re also an opportunity to play up your overall scheme. Have an old lamp that you feel is lacking in style? Give it a quick coat of high-gloss paint for a piece that will stand on its own.
by Rebekkah Davies Interiors + Design
eclectic kids by Lauren Liess Interiors
Hutch. I love the bold use of glossy fire-engine red on this hutch. It’s a great complement to shelves of colorful books.
by Lauren Liess Interiors
eclectic family room by William Conrad & Company Interiors
Side table. If you’ve got a fairly monochromatic color scheme going in your seating area, add a some texture by transforming the side table with high-gloss paint. The mix of this sophisticated piece with bamboo furniture is very modern-retro.
by William Conrad & Company Interiors  
eclectic dining room The Upward Bound House by Elizabeth Bomberger
Dining table. If you want to get the kids to the dinner table, make it enticing! A dining table painted in high-gloss may not get them to eat their vegetables, but at least it will be a treat for the eyes.
tropical  by Philpotts Interiors
Mantle. Up the ante of your fireplace with a sophisticated, shiny mantle. This is particularly chic in this rustic living room, and the interaction between the contrasting red of the sofa and green of the mantle ignites the individual colors.
by Philpotts Interiors  
eclectic bedroom by betsy burnham
Knickknacks. Have a few cool pieces you’ve picked up at flea markets that you’ve been meaning to touch up? Give them the ultimate makeover with high-gloss paint. Choose an unexpected shade, and you’ll have instant conversation pieces.
by betsy burnham
eclectic bathroom by Simply Grove
Bathroom mirror. Change the look and feel of your bathroom with a coat of high-gloss paint on the frame of your mirror. Guests will be too busy admiring your paint job to worry about their lipstick.
by Simply Grove
mediterranean kitchen by RAFAEL DAVILA
Kitchen cabinets. Tired of your cabinetry? Slap on some shine! The cost will be much friendlier to your pocketbook, and the new look will be transformative.
contemporary bedroom by betsy burnham
Accent chair. Emphasize the “accent” in your accent chair by choosing a high-gloss paint. Choose a bright color so it really pops.
by betsy burnham  
eclectic bathroom by Cynthia Mason Interiors
Bathroom vanity. You don’t need a super fancy vanity if you have a can of high-gloss paint nearby. The paint itself will make it both fancy and timeless.
by Cynthia Mason Interiors
traditional living room by Tim Cuppett Architects
Walls. Turn up your room’s style with high-gloss painted walls. The best part: High-gloss paint reflects light instead of absorbing it, so your room will feel both chic and bright.
by Tim Cuppett Architects
contemporary kitchen by John Lively & Associates
Ceiling. Add an element of shine to the ceiling as well. Don’t feel like you always have to go with a vibrant color; high-gloss white is just as sophisticated.
by John Lively & Associates
contemporary entry by
Front door. Nothing provides an enticing welcome like a front door painted in high-gloss red paint. That said, it’s time to get out your paint brushes!