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Five Last Minute Gift Ideas


Five Last Minute Gift Ideas

Can’t bring yourself to fight the crowds at the eleventh hour? Here are five last minute gifting tips that don’t require a trip to the mall:

1. Give away a good book you own. Make a simple, personalized dust jacket for it with paper and anything crafty you have around the house.

2. Buy tickets online to a concert in the new year (something to look forward to), then create a YouTube playlist of that band’s music videos and live performances and email it to them to tip them off to your plan. Check for listings.

3. Bake a batch of your favourite cookies and put them in a plain Chinese food take-out box (many dollar stores sell them) or another nice container you already have. Write up a clever fortune for 2011 and hide it at the bottom of the box.

4. Giving money may seem tacky, but it’s all how you frame it, literally. Place a $20, $50 or $100 dollar bill in a small picture frame you’re not using and title your DIY artwork, “For Emergencies Only.”

5. Book them a little post-holiday pampering by phone. We don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like a massage after Boxing Day sales.