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Editors’ Film Picks (That you can watch in your pajamas)


Editors’ Film Picks (That you can watch in your pajamas)

Lights, camera, couch! Herewith, four DVD picks for a night of home entertainment.

If you’re feeling frumpy after too many holiday treats, pick up Kick-Ass to get yourself feeling more like a superhero. Aaron Johnson and Nicolas Cage do a pretty good job of defending the world from villains, but it’s Chloë Moretz’s portrayal of Hit Girl that will get you practicing your knife skills and high kicks.
Jennifer Nachshen, Montreal editor (English edition)


What’s better than a rom-com? A French rom-com complete with a tribute to Dirty Dancing and some Wham thrown into the mix. Starring the ultra cool Vanessa Paradis and handsome Parisian Romain Duris, Heartbreaker is the story of Alex, a professional Lothario who loses his cool when his latest assignment gets a tad too personal.
Malwina Gudowska, Calgary editor


Winter’s Bone
Justin Bieber isn’t the only teen phenom headlining a film these days. Actress Jennifer Lawrence was 18 when she starred in this book adaptation about twisted family ties in the Ozarks. Her performance already has a Golden Globe nom and the same is sure to come from Oscar.
Joy Pecknold, Vancouver editor


Smash His Camera
Artist, stalker, scumbag—photographer Ron Gallela has been called all of the above, and more. The documentary, spanning decades in the career of the man who was sued by Jackie Kennedy, socked in the jaw by Marlon Brando and adored by Andy Warhol, is a nostalgic and insightful look into the life of a celebrity paparazzo.
Maria Tallarico, Managing editor