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Dreaming of a Bedroom Walkout

After buying a house that offers an outdoor escape directly from the bedroom, I've had a firsthand look at what it's like to have such a luxury. Sure, it's a simple thing, really — we'd never bat an eye at having a door off the front of the house. It's normal and expected. But to have a private escape off the side of your bedroom is something else entirely.

Whether it's a walkout that steps directly into the yard or one that slips off to a small retreat, the overall feeling is the same. Going to bed only to realize that you'd rather gaze at the stars would no longer cause a stir throughout the rest of the house. And better still, waking up and wishing to sneak outside before conversing with others is a very nice option to have. We all have those mornings, right?

So, as an ode to bedrooms that offer such a treat, here are 13 photos of gorgeous bedroom walkouts. Be sure to pay close attention to the doors: It seems that they all have one thing in common. Wide open access to and from, helping the separate spaces merge into one.
It appears that this modern home is surrounded by lush green foliage. I can only imagine how cool it would be to wake up and walk outside on a crisp autumn morning. Robe and slippers, it's time to get up!
by Ziger/Snead Architects
While searching for photos to include in this ideabook, I kept coming across bedrooms with beautiful French doors but no views of the patios that rested behind them. I was happy to see that this bedroom also had an alternate view...
by emily jagoda
Which is this! I was surprised to see how big the room is. What a gorgeous view this homeowner has — and with two sets of doors. A bedroom this luxurious would be hard to leave.
by emily jagoda
A house overlooking the lake is one thing. A house with a bedroom walkout to a balcony overlooking the lake is another. Especially when there are mountains involved.
by Eggleston Farkas Architects  
A sheer drape swaying between beautiful doors looks like something you'd find at your ocean-view suite on the Caribbean.
by d | studio
This sunny bedroom would definitely be a popular hangout if it were in my own home. And if the room doesn't already feel airy enough, there's always the balcony to lounge on.
by Rossington Architecture  
Another bedroom with just a sliver of the porch peeking through. Judging by the way this bedroom loft is presented, I'm sure that the porch view wouldn't let us down. I'm especially fond of those rich colored doors.
by Feldman Architecture, Inc.
Swiping that blanket off the foot of the bed and heading out for a kiss from the sun would be the first thing on the to-do list, I'm sure. Walking out to be greeted by grass beneath your feet after a long day would be nice, too.
by John Maniscalco Architecture
Gazing through this wall of windows each morning would be a great way to get going. Until you take a seat in one of those low-slung wooden chairs, that is. Then you can count on hanging out rather than getting dressed.
by Feldman Architecture, Inc.
Forget waking up to the nudging nose a cat or dog — fish keep to themselves and won't wake you up at 5:30 a.m. on the weekend. A mesmerizing pet that you can visit at your leisure doesn't come often. But that's okay, we all love our four-legged friends and would never really trade them for a school of fish. Their calmness is just an added bonus.
by Rossington Architecture
Stepping out onto this deck for an evening mojito just before sun-down could probably become a ritual here. Lounge clothes on, rum cap off. I wonder if there's a bar cart around the corner?
by Ehrlich Architects
I don't know if I'm more attracted to the charm of French doors and their gridded panes of glass or the smooth transition that these floor to ceiling windows offer, but either way, this particular setup works well in this space. I'd say that smaller rooms look better with one sheet of glass head to toe.
by David Churchill - Architectural Photographer  
My favorite part about this patio is all the texture! Bricks under your footsteps, shake siding to your side, glossy planters down low, manicured plants reaching upwards — all things that make this outdoor retreat deserving of an open-door policy.

So, are you ready for a bedroom with outdoor access in your own home? Or maybe you already have one? If you do, we'd love to see your photos! Be sure to share in the Comments section below.