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Do Drink The Punch


Do Drink The Punch

You’re well acquainted with the perk a little spiked punch can offer, but have you sampled the alt-pop pep Honeymoon Punch provides?

The new album from PEI-born, Haligonian songstress Jenn Grant is an aural antidote to winter blues. With the fiery red hair of Florence Welch and a flirtatious, infectious song style akin to Leslie Feist, Grant gives her most romantic record yet, but still keeps it quirky. Thanks to a voice that’s sweet, but not sappy.

In her song “How I Met You” we think we hear shades of good ol’ girl bands Luscious Jackson and The Breeders.

But maybe that’s just the punch-drunk love talking.

Honeymoon Punch, $9.90 on iTunes.