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Create Your Own Massage Room

Aaaah — relaxation! More and more we are looking to our own homes to provide a haven from the outside world. After spending a day hard at work and hearing news reports about the economy, when we come home, we want to be soothed. And admit it — just the mention of the word "economy" made your shoulders and neck tense up, didn't it?

What better way is there to send the cares of the day packing than with a luxurious massage? And it's even better if that massage is at your own home so you don't have to get up and drive home afterward.

So, now that I have you dreaming, what would you need to create the perfect place for this wonderful indulgence? Read on to see how color, scent, sound, tactile elements and amenities all work together to create the ultimate in a room where you can have a muscle-melting massage.
This massage room pretty much has it all. Just walking in and seeing the candlelight and soft green color of the walls would begin to relax me. The soaking tub would be a great way to warm up those muscles before the massage begins. Loving the cozy slippers and robes folded on the table! I think I would have to sniff all of those wonderful oils to see which one is the right one for today. Lavender? Jasmine? Sandalwood?

Tip: Even if you have bold or vibrant colors in the rest of your home, use soft, soothing colors and candles or lights on dimmers in your massage room. Though you may close your eyes during most of the massage, it's important to set the mood for all of your senses right from the beginning.
by Maraya Droney Design
This soft terry-covered pad looks warmer and more inviting than a vinyl covered massage table with a sheet on it. The wood floor would feel great on bare feet. And don't forget stones for the hot stone treatment!

I think all the natural elements and neutral colors in this room — beige Venetian plaster walls, stone countertop, wood floors and cabinets — make it feel like a very grounded space.
by Amr
Having everything your massage therapist needs at hand means you can walk right in and have your massage without having to collect things from around the house. This massage room has towel storage under the bed, which is pretty convenient. The basket and shelves can hold an array of oils and additional towels. Look closely and you see that below the shelving is a small refrigerator for cold water. It's important to rehydrate after that massage!
by Reaume Construction & Design
I love the fact that this massage room can open up on both sides to let in the fresh air, yet it is protected from direct sun or rain. I think the breeze rustling the bamboo outside the room would be a very restful sound.
by Philpotts Interiors
This is another massage room that opens up to a beautiful natural setting. You would smell the sea outside, and the large fan above would give you constant fresh air.

Tip: Sound is important. The last thing you want to hear during your massage is traffic outside or the kids in the next room. Choose a room as far from noisy places as you can and include a good audio system. If you play a CD of waves on a shore, you can close your eyes and visualize whatever surroundings you want. It will be just like you're there.
And why keep this wonderful room to yourself? If you have the room, set up a pair of massage tables so you can enjoy a massage with your BFF. You can enjoy a little chatting or just giggle at the funny sighs and groans you're hearing from the other table.
by NB Design Group, Inc
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Here are a few suggestions for hings to have on hand for your home massage — whether it's in a dream massage space or a borrowed corner of the guest room.

These candles are sea scented, which is a little unusual but perfect to help you imagine the ocean as you drift into total relaxation.
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Super soft, fluffy towels are guaranteed to pamper your skin. These are from W Hotel, and they know a thing or two about luxury.
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Don't forget to have a comfy robe to pull on after your massage, if you can make yourself get up off the table.

Did I miss anything? What would you want in your massage room?