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Clip It Up: 8 Ways to Display Kids’ Art

Forgotten what your fridge looks like under dusty layers of your child’s paintings and drawings? One way to cut through the clutter is to rotate art — in with the new, out with the old. In theory nothing could be easier using good old-fashioned fridge magnets. But in real life (or at least mine), that doesn’t actually happen. The resulting accumulation looks messy rather than giving a budding Picasso’s masterpieces the proud placement they deserve.

In search of an alternative, I discovered clips — found in office supply shops as well as hardware outlets. A gallery of clips makes it easy to swap art in and out, so new and special pieces get their moment in the spotlight. Plus you can locate a gallery in any room, wherever you have wall space. Here are some more perks of using clips, along with eight inspiring strategies for displaying your little one’s latest and greatest.

If you too are looking for a fresh way to display kids’ art, consider clips. In this cozy den, double wires make the gallery a family affair, with one strand purposefully set at eye level for kids and the other placed at a more traditional height for adults. Install a gallery in any room where you can hang out and admire your aspiring artist’s masterpiece — and then easily rotate in new ones.