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Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with Water and Red

On Monday, Jan. 23, the Chinese will usher in the new year and, in accordance with the 12-year cycle, this will be a year of the dragon. Traditional Chinese celebrations include family banquets, honoring ancestors, parades and fireworks displays as well as passing along hóngbāo (monetary gifts given in small, red envelopes). 

And it should be noted that the Chinese dragon is very different from the European dragon. The Chinese dragon is not an evil, fire-breathing, havoc-causing creature. Sure, the Chinese dragon is potent and has auspicious powers, but it is said to have empathy and seeks to aid those less fortunate. 

So our celebration of the upcoming year of the dragon features both the color red and the element water: Red because it is the color of good luck and good fortune and is said to ward off evil spirits. And water, whether as rain, flood or fountain, because it is the element the legendary Chinese dragon controls.

Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái 恭喜发财
This pool set within a red frame is definitely ready for the Year of the Dragon.
Water and red combine in a simple garden water feature perfect for the new year.
With all the red, this home should bring these owners much luck and good fortune.
This is the architectural equivalent of a hóngbāo, though not something that can fit in your wallet or back pocket.
Big, bold and red, this home will definitely stand out and put a smile on your face.
A truly elegant and bold wall of red offers sharp contrast to the surrounding green fields in summer and white blanket in winter.
A red door certainly works if you're not ready to make the entire house red. 

The red door became popular in Colonial America as a result of trade with the East, where the color red signified good luck and good fortune.
And if you're not ready to make the entire house red but want more than just a red door, try a red accent wall.
An interior accent wall of red certainly enlivens the space, and perhaps will bring that good luck and good fortune inside.
Of course, red tile in the shower area combines the auspicious and potent dragon element with the good luck and good fortune of the color red. Seems like a good way to start each day.
And don't worry if you're not ready for the full red treatment. Some accent tile and accessories will do the trick.