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Bohemian Home Inspired by Organic 1970s Design

Artist Adam Porterfield bought a 1906 fixer-upper in the northeast corner of Portland, Oregon, with his father in 2008 and knew it was just the type of home he’d been patiently searching for. The two embarked on an intensive DIY renovation, updating the plumbing, heating and electrical systems and even reinsulating the house themselves. At one point, they had the place stripped down to the studs. They converted the four-bedroom, one-bathroom home into a three-bedroom, 2½-bathroom bohemian haven. Porterfield shares the space with his girlfriend, Emily Katz, a macrame artist with a knack for interiors who helped add warm and eclectic design touches.

Though they still have ongoing projects throughout the house, the couple embrace the fact that it’s a work in progress. “I think it is really cool to think of houses as organic things,” Katz says. “They are always evolving. As a contractor once said to Adam when he was first working on the house, ‘It’s never done.’ ”