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JUNE 4TH, 2011


When we discovered the Vancouver-based designers Akimbo, who use great Euro fabrics to make washable covers for their Mung-bean-filled toys, we called them up to brainstorm all their great creative and developmental uses:

1. Ask family members to balance one on their head all through dinner, thus perfecting posture.
2. Create a target toss for your kids, with high and low targets for age two to adult and see how many different ways you can throw them.
3. Throw the beanbags, pat your tummy and your head before catching them.
4. Put them in the freezer for instant “owie” relief.
5. Juggle.
6. Use a stack of them as a chic doorstop to the playroom.
7. Toss them back and forth with different emotions (happy, sad, silly, sleepy).
8. Toss beanbag into the air, do a pirouette, catch.
9. While your kids lounge of their FatBoys, their dolls can lounge on these.
10. Beaning your brother over the head.


$20 for set of three at Dilly Dally, 1161 Commercial Dr., Vancouver, 604-252-9727, and Molly’s Furniture Salad, 4055 Macdonald St., Vancouver, 604-732-7712, or email