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As Season 4 premiers we visit some fashion-forward rooms this tastemaker would appreciate

I'm just going to admit it. I cannot WAIT for Season 4 of The Rachel Zoe Project to air tonight. Although her grossly exaggerated Valley Girl accent can be irritating, Zoe can create unparalleled drama around a lost earring, an Oscar-dress hem or a kit missing boob tape. She reacts to a missing FedEx package like the rest of the world reacts to a tsunami, and it's absolutely hilarious. Also, there is a lot of great fashion and pop-ins from celebs like Jennifer Garner, Molly Sims, Joy Bryant, Liv Tyler, Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson and many more along the way. Hopefully this season will contain all of the drama of picking Hathaway's Oscar outfits, which were the best thing about her co-hosting the awards.

In honor of tonight's premiere on Bravo, I've assembled some RZ-worthy spaces I think she'd appreciate.
Hooray, she's back! We're ready to see the behind-the-scenes action of dressing high-maintenance celebrities!
Bold wallpapers, black and white, a bit of Vuitton history and a classic quilted Chanel bag are all quintessential Zoe. She would go with this room perfectly in this Chanel getup.
Something about this room embodies everything about RZ's personal style: the touch of retro '70s glamour, the furry rug, the sparkly sputnik accessories. It looks like one of her fur vest outfits.
Because she has enough vintage treasures in her archives to outfit everyone attending the Met Ball Costume Institute Gala herself, Zoe needs a closet that's as big as all the other rooms in her house combined.
Although Zoe and her husband Rodger recently had a boy, it's never too early to start teaching one's child about Andy Warhol shoe prints. So what if this room is a little girly?
Oversized chandy, wall of drapes, roll-back daybed? This room is shutting it down.
A perfect spot for Zoe to lie down and complain to Rodger about how bananas her life is during award season.
A dash of Hermes orange is always appropriate. This room is killing it, just like Jennifer Garner did in the orange vintage Valentino Zoe put her in for the 2004 Oscars.
Many times Zoe will make a minimal outfit stand out with a fabulous piece of vintage jewelry, belt, or bag. This chandelier does the same thing for this bedroom.
This very Fendi room is one I'm sure Zoe could get behind. She even chose yellow for her own Met Costume Institute Gala dress last year.
Of course, what fashionista could resist a Princely purple and Emilio Pucci-inspired room?
Likewise, Missoni tempts as well. This room captures the spirit of the retro-bohemian glam Zoe loves so much.

Side note: I am counting down the minutes until Target releases its new Missoni line; I even picked out everything I want and set an alarm (September 13, 2011).
Although we've never seen Zoe cook, I can see her with a dining room like this one. It has a very Tom Ford-era Gucci aesthetic.
If this room were a dress, Zoe would be name-dropping Cameron Diaz all over the place to get her hands on it.
I can see Zoe styling a Harper's Bazaar shoot for Demi Moore or Anne Hathaway in this room.
This room's color and texture palette are quintessential Zoe. It's giving me a witch vibe. It looks like a "can this outfit become a room?"
Rachel's former assistant, Brad Goreski, may be gone, but if he had any influence at all, he may have left Rachel with a penchant for preppy plaid. I think this is exactly how he would have styled it.
Finally, no Zoe home would be complete without some sort of altar to Coco and Karl, even if it is in the bathroom!