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Vitamin V editor Sarah Bancroft has been making this granola recipe since she was a teen—and guarantees it won't turn you into a hippie. Not even close.

Mom's Granola

Combine in a large bowl:
8 C rolled oats
2 C wheat germ
2 C sunflower seeds
½ C shredded coconut
½ C sesame seeds
2 C sliced blanched almonds
1 C pecans, roughly chopped
2 T cinnamon

Heat in a saucepan until combined:
1 C honey
1 C canola oil

Pour liquid into dry and stir. Spread over large baking sheet and bake for 30 minutes at 350F (working in 2-3 batches). Stir half way through and let cool undisturbed. Add 1 C dried cranberries and/or dried strawberries and store in a large glass jar.