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10 Reasons We Love Juno

JANUARY 16TH, 2008

Run, waddle or skip your way to the theatres this weekend and catch Juno, the best movie we've seen in ages. Here are ten reasons why:

10. The subtle Vancouver scenery. We spotted the track from Eric Hamber High School, the inside of Coquitlam Town Centre and the tiny Surrey neighbourhood of Morgan Creek.

9. The ultra-organic, lyric-heavy soundtrack with killer tracks from Cat Power, The Kinks and co-stars Michael Cera and Ellen Page, who duet on the aptly-titled "Anyone Else But You." Listen here.

8. The biting dialogue laced with witty sarcasm ("I'm already pregnant, so what other kind of shenanigans could I get into?") from first-time screenwriter Diablo Cody.

7. The reunion of "Arrested Development" dynamic duo Jason Bateman and Michael Cera.

6. Michael Cera's gym uniform, complete with mustard-yellow shorts and matching terry cloth head and wristbands. Trust us, it will take you back to the days of dodgeball and faking Aunt Flo to avoid suicide sprints.

5. Montreal-born director Jason Reitman, who also brought us another Vitamin V fave, Thank You For Smoking.

4. The priceless cameo appearance by "The Office's" Rainn Wilson, who kicks off the opening scene and coins Juno "Fertile Myrtle."

3. Dancing Elk High: the best high school name ever. We can almost smell the Canadiana!

2. Ellen Page. Could she be any cuter, smarter or cooler? We don't think so. Plus she's Canadian so there's no doubt that we're in love.

1. The fact that we wanted to see it again while it was still playing.

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