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Tear Jerkers and Creamy Pints

OCTOBER 22ND, 2010

Tear Jerkers and Creamy Pints

Staying in with a sad sentimental movie and sweets may be a clichéd plot point of chick flicks, but the truth is everybody needs a good cry and a bowl of ice cream every now and again. Up the ante from Sleepless in Seattle and vanilla with one of these three DVD and dessert pairings:

The Princess + the Warrior and Häagen-Dazs Caramel Cone Explosion
A German film deserves a German-sounding pint with extra crunch. From the writer-director of Run Lola Run, the story centers around a lovelorn psychiatric nurse and a brokenhearted bank robber who come together through a series of unfortunate events.

The Painted Veil and Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Tracks
The comfort of peanut butter will carry you through this tumultuous literary tale about a doctor (Edward Norton) and socialite (Naomi Watts) who trek into a remote village in China and turn languishing love fervent.

After the Wedding and Island Farms Rocky Road
Mads Mikkelsen (of Casino Royale) stars in this Danish film about a man who is beckoned home from India to meet his orphanage’s benefactor, but finds he’s been called back by the man for a profound, heartbreaking reason. Their rocky road is your Rocky Road.

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