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Oh, The Places You’ll Go


Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Our idea of Russian roulette is spinning a globe to see if our index finger stops in St. Petersburg or somewhere in Siberia.

When it comes to replicas of planet Earth, plain green and blue will do for the classroom, but the condo requires something cooler. Consider an Earthsphere by Artline Contemporary Globes. The handcrafted acrylic globes are as close to cartographic perfection as it gets and come with a lifetime guarantee. Pick from an array of sizes, stands and silk-screened hues, like white and grey with gold latitude longitude lines (pictured). The material it’s made of means you can mark it with a destination wish list using a grease pencil and wipe clean.

Globetrotter meet globe hotter.

$27-$495 at Gigi B., 1663 Duranleau St. (Granville Island), Vancouver, 604-687-1565.