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Word on the Street: The 2nd Annual Vitamin Victionary


Word on the Street: The 2nd Annual Vitamin Victionary

Just in time for back-to-school, we've compiled a list of our favourite words and catchphrases—this round is sure to make Oxford's next edition.

Eat Pray Loved (v.): The act of leaving one's spouse to embark on an Oprah-approved journey of self-enlightment (may include an independence party, book club and ashram).
Usage: Did you hear about Sally and Paul? She eat, pray, loved him!

Tweethearts (n.): Couples who are infatuated with each other over Twitter but whose relationship would never exist in real life.
Usage: I hope my boyfriend doesn’t mind that I’m spending all weekend flirting with my tweetheart.

The jardigan (n.): When a jacket and cardigan meet—surely more staying power than jeggings?
Usage: If his jardigan weren’t cashmere I wouldn’t have taken it. But I just can’t resist good Scottish cashmere.

Bagacitis (n.): A reoccurring inflammation of the shoulder and upper arm area as a result of carrying a heavy handbag.
Usage: Just the thought of the It Bag being back in style has made my bagacitis flare up.

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