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Stick it to ‘Em

JULY 28TH, 2010

Stick it to ‘Em

The Harry Potter-possessed person in your life wants a trip to Wizarding World in Orlando, but your pockets are deathly hallow. In lieu of a Confundus Charm, buy them a broomstick.

The new Granville Island Broom Company makes brooms fit for fictional characters and cleaning house. Handcrafted on-site by two sisters trained in the art of broom-making by their parents, the family’s brooms were featured in Bewitched and Harry Potter promotions. They sell standard Shakers, but we say opt for one made with a twisty Manzanita branch ($59-$170).

While it won’t fly you to Florida, a broom given on the occasion of marriage or housewarming brings good luck.

Granville Island Broom Company, 1406 Old Bridge St., Vancouver, 604-629-1141,