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Green House Effect

APRIL 8TH, 2010

Green House Effect

Having your BFF from Calgary crash at your small studio apartment when she was single was one thing, but now that she totes a kid, husband and pooch, you’re threatening to make them sleep in their SVU.

In the Ecoloft, they get a place of their own and quash their carbon footprint in one fell swoop. As cool as it is eco-friendly, the modern loft in the residential Cedar Cottage neighbourhood is solar-heated and built with non-toxic and sustainable materials like bamboo. All the conveniences of home are included too—full kitchen, in-suite laundry and HDTV.

Now you can crash on their couch after stopping by for dinner.

From $99/night, Ecoloft, 1155 E. 23rd Ave, Vancouver, 604-736-5797,