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Babybot on Board

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March 13, 2010

Babybot on Board

Meet Leander – beauty and brains in one crib.

Leander’s sculptural cribs (from $1,699) configure conveniently in five different ways. Feeling a pinch of sticker shock? Considering the crib lasts from infant to age 9 and includes a wooden conversation kit, mattresses and sheets for both bed sizes, it’s a smart long-term purchase.

Ideal for urban living, the cribs are compact and fit easily into small rooms. Order Leander during the month of March and receive the cutest Ivory Lion Blanket. Plus, Babybot is paying the PST/QST on all items for the month of March, which means a savings of up to $135 on the Leander crib. Oh baby!

Free shipping in Canada on all items (big and small), play now at