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Heat and Eat


Heat and Eat

We can’t claim a lick of French-Canadian ancestry, but over the holidays we got hooked on one of the East Coast’s tastiest traditions—tourtières.

Made with pork or beef and seasoned with savoury spices and herbs, the succulent pies are the perfect comfort food for these chilly winter nights. For the ultimate no-fuss meal, whether at home or a weekend at the cabin in Whistler, opt to pick one up ready-made at Pâtisserie Bordeaux. Made fresh daily, they offer a 7" family size ($18.50) or personal-sized pies ($5.10).

That’s dinner done like dinner. Now all you have to do is pour the wine.

Cash or debit only; Pâtisserie Bordeaux, 3675 W. 10th Ave., Vancouver, 604-731-6551.