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MAY 28TH, 2008


Unconventional yet truer to life than many of their blockbuster counterparts, these love stories will melt your heart like no cookie-cutter romance can.

10. Dedication
You wouldn't think a caustic, obsessive-compulsive children's book author would make a great romantic lead, but when that lead is Billy Crudup, it makes for a bittersweet blend.

9. Shopgirl
Based on Steve Martin's novella, this L.A. love story manages to be both funny and grounded thanks to the unexpected pairing of Jason Schwartzman and Claire Danes and thoughtful narration by Martin himself.

8. Wristcutters: A Love Story
A guy and a girl who have suicide in common meet in the afterlife. Starring Almost Famous' Patrick Fugit and musician Tom Waits, this movie is the most bizarre of the bunch, but bound to become a cult hit.

7. Broken English
Sure, the lovelorn New York gal who continually chooses the wrong guy storyline is old hat. But when indie queen Parker Posey plays the heroine and John Cassavetes' daughter Zoe (Sofia Coppola's best friend) writes and directs, it's gorgeously understated and refreshingly real.

6. Waitress
Keri Russell is all cuteness as a pregnant pie maker who channels husband troubles into her pastries and strikes up a thing with her baby doctor. Don't be surprised if you crave banana cream post viewing.

5.Conversations with Other Women
The antidote to wedding season. Helen Bonham Carter plays a reluctant bridesmaid who meets guest Aaron Eckhart at the reception and Old Hollywood-esque witty repartee (among other things) ensues.

4. Me and You and Everyone We Know
Renaissance woman Miranda July writes, directs and stars in this deliciously offbeat film about an oddball entourage of children and grown-ups navigating love and everyday life.

3. Lars and the Real Girl
The premise—social recluse with a blow-up doll for a girlfriend—sounds like a bad frat boy flick, but it's anything but. Ryan Gosling's performance endeared us to him forever.

2. All the Real Girls
No film has captured the fervor and frustration of young love quite like this tale of a small town lothario who falls for his best friend's sister.

1. Once
Thanks to Oscar, this modern musical is no longer under the radar. About a broken-hearted busker and no-nonsense flower seller who bond over song, it's worth all the attention and adulation it gets.

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