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wheel of fortune

You love acupuncture and follow fortune cookies, but Chinese cultural expert you are not (okay, maybe a few of you).

For the rest of you, the Vancouver Art Gallery has unveiled House of Oracles: A Huang Yong Ping Retrospective in which China's most celebrated contemporary artist uses paintings, drawings and installations to explore the East/West divide.

And if you like your culture with a dash of controversy, this exhibit is for you.

Vancouver made international headlines when animal-rights groups objected to the use of live insects and reptiles, which have since been removed (read more at the VAG).

But beyond the hubbub are breathtaking, large-scale installations like a giant sand castle (made from 40,000 pounds of sand!) that will disintegrate throughout the show, a 100-foot long wooden python skeleton and massive sculpture of a snarling tiger atop an elephant.

So that's what it meant when your fortune said you would be wise, worldly and adventurous.

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