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be an insta-author


be an insta-author

If Madonna can publish a storybook, certainly you can, too.

We crafted one in under an hour with the amazing iphoto program that comes on all Mac computers.

From your iphoto collection, highlight the photos you want and click on “book.”


It’s seriously that easy.

Choose from collage-style books or storybooks where you can add text, and then customize the photo groupings.

It’s the perfect thank you gift for a weekend at a friend’s ski cabin, keepsake from a vacation, or a way to document a child’s first year, a reunion, a shower, a love affair… the list goes on.

Our 20-page, 9x11 hardcover book bound in grey linen with a photo and title on the front was $57 including delivery.

Now we just have to arrange the book signing….

Read more and see samples at Apple.