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JUNE 13TH, 2008


Sometimes you just need a good, arty meal.

Antler-adorned and chandelier-lit, the Narrow Artist Lounge is Main Street's latest gastropub gathering hole.

Located inconspicuously below the Grace Gallery, you'd almost miss the place save for a little red light in the doorway.

Once inside, you'll find the name befits the space—small and brimming with creative types. And the mise en scène suits the menu of unfussy pub fare like bangers and mash with a dash of West Coast flair.

It's the kind of nonchalant haunt you have no problem parking yourself at for the evening and letting the pints pour in and pontifications pour out.

Your first topic of conversation? How cool it is that part of the proceeds fund the gallery and studios upstairs. The artists aren't so starving after all.

Narrow Artist Lounge, 1898 Main St. (at E. Third Ave.), Vancouver,

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