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APRIL 23RD, 2008


You've most likely longed for haute couture, but what about haute peinture?

Coined to describe the process of commissioning contemporary paintings, haute peinture is B.C. artist Tanya Slingsby's specialty. The Zak Posen of the art world, her work already adorns Holt Renfrew and Chambar and judging by the buzz at opening night of her atelier (kudos on the grapefruit cocktails) bespoke masterpieces have found their market.

After all, when you've just spent a fortune on the house of your dreams, a made-to-measure painting is just the thing to put above the mantle. And unlike your Chanel, it won't hide in your closet.

From $500. Tanya Slingsby Atelier, by appointment, 117 E. Second Ave., 604-874-1274,

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