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APRIL 1ST, 2008


There's no Norm or Sam Malone, but there is an Ingy and a Sharon.

Hidden in the quaint beach community of Dundurave, The Knit & Stitch Shoppe is the Cheers bar of the knitting world, where everyone knows your name.

Instead of bar stools to sit your hinny on there is a couch in the middle of the store where the ladies catch up on the latest news (also know as knit–and–bitch).

The store's walls are oozing with wools of all colours and textures for your next fashion project.

If you're a beginner don't worry, Ingy and Sharon will be there to help you every step of the way.

The Knit & Stitch Shoppe, 2460 Marine Dr., West Vancouver, 604-922-1023, www.knit–n–


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Tasha Chiu

Guest Editor

Dishing the daily dose this week is CityTV's Live Eye reporter Tasha Chiu, our guest editor for Fashion Week in Vancouver. Now can we all be as gorgeous as you, Tash?