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Bring the past into the present with a colored credenza, shag rug or iconic chair

Love your contemporary home but itching to add a sense of the past? The answer may lie in the addition of just the right retro piece. Not only do retro pieces succeed in introducing that sense of nostalgia your interior may be craving, but many also blend well into contemporary settings. Check out these home interiors for types of pieces to consider, and also see how they mix in modern spaces without going '70s cliché.
living room by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech
A shag rug. This entire room is juicy with retro flair — mid-century furniture, yellow and purple upholstery, a green wall panel  but that shag rug is the cherry on top. Layer it over herringbone wood floors and accent it with a contemporary piece of art and you’re mod retro all the way.
by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech  
contemporary living room by Susan Diana Harris Interior Design
A geometric area rug. If the shag isn’t doing it for you, go for some geometry. It’s equally retro and likely less upkeep. You can up the ante of your retro appeal with mid-century furniture or scale back with modern choices. Either will work with this rug.
by Susan Diana Harris Interior Design
eclectic dining room by Kaylovesvintage
The Eames Chair. You really can’t go wrong with this chair; it manages to feel retro, modern and timeless all at once, so you can use them forever. Choose colors like burnt oranges and deep greens to enhance the retro nostalgia.
by Kaylovesvintage  
living room by Elliott Kaufman
A “Love” poster. Ok, pretty much any artwork that expresses “love” can probably be related to the ‘60s. But the color and composition of this particular poster by Alexander Girard is a retro beat above the rest that will still have a home in any contemporary interior.
by Elliott Kaufman  
modern living room by Kristen Rivoli Interior Design
The Mobius Table from DWR. Oh, those table legs! The neighborhood will be talking about how cool this table is. It’s mid-century retro contemporized by a glass top. Pair it with a neon lamp and brightly upholstered furniture. and the neighbors will go from talking to drooling.
by Kristen Rivoli Interior Design  
modern entry by Amy Lau Design
A colorfully colored credenza. Is it modern? Is it retro? That’s the point; it’s a bit of both. The blue and yellow point to yesterday, the shape can swing both ways, and the stainless steel feet give it the contemporary edge. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!
by Amy Lau Design
modern entry by David Lauer Photography
A wooden credenza. This one, all wood with skinny legs, is definitely more classic retro. Keep it in today’s world by accessorizing it with modern knickknacks.
by David Lauer Photography
modern home office by Kristen Rivoli Interior Design
A futon. Didn’t think futons had anyplace outside college campuses? Think again. Not only will they accomplish that retro feel, but they’ll save space in small dens or offices while providing an extra spot to sleep for the occasional guest. When decorating around it, treat it as a couch. You’ll find it will easily transition into your modern space. 
by Kristen Rivoli Interior Design  
eclectic living room by Kaylovesvintage
The F511 Lounge Chair from YLiving. This chair makes me want to kick back and listen to the Stones on vinyl. It's definitely an investment piece.
by Kaylovesvintage  
eclectic home office by Lola Nova
A mid-century office chair. What a great juxtaposition between this burnt-orange chair and the romantic floral curtains with white desk. That hint of an unexpected retro chair gives the whole setup a splash of pizzazz.
by Lola Nova
eclectic kitchen by Frisson
Colorful dishware. Regardless of how modern your kitchen is, it can always benefit from a set of dishware in unexpected colors. Instantly retro, instantly chic.
by Frisson  
Turquoise Accents
Funky accessories. Too nervous to go all the way with a large piece? Make some room on a console or side table for some accessories with a retro kick.