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15 Ideas for a Children’s Discovery Garden

Playing outdoors provides kids with physical activity and fresh air, encourages a love of nature and creativity, and can even help develop problem-solving skills. But the average big square of grass, while great for soccer matches, doesn’t provide much inspiration for little ones looking for adventure. If you have the room, consider adding some connected nooks and crannies designed to pique curiosity and support imagination. Here are 15 ideas to get you started, from burbling brooks and play meadows to fairy homes.
15. Camp-style entertainment zone. A classic fire pit and picnic table are gathering areas the entire family can enjoy together. Having a casual, inviting outdoor space like this makes it more appealing to eat lunch outdoors in nice weather, or to head back outside after dinner for s’mores and songs around a blazing campfire. Just be aware that the ashes stay hot in fire pits for quite a long time — so keep kids away, even if it’s been a while since the last fire.